Discovering the difficult world of estates

Like many of us, we didn’t think much about end of life planning. Then our daughter was born. We wanted to ensure she was taken care of in the event of our deaths. We spent months educating ourselves and we learned that our best option was to create a trust. It was a long, cumbersome process and cost a pretty penny. We also came to realize that even though our wishes are documented, our trust wouldn’t eliminate the burden of carrying out the multitude of tasks associated with settling an estate. We didn’t want our daughter and her new guardians to be stuck with managing our estate while also dealing with a difficult transition.

Administering an estate means time away from work, travel, paperwork and detective-work. An estate plan makes the process much cleaner, but it can still take an average of 570 hours of work over the course of 16 months to complete.

Seeking a solution

Out of this frustration, we founded Tusk. We all share a common bond of grief after death. We’re building a solution to remove the burden of settling an estate. We want to bring this antiquated process into the 21st century. Made for our daughter, our family and our community.

Freedom after death

Our vision is to provide surviving family members the freedom to grieve after the death of a loved one.

A modern platform

Our Mission is to build an online platform to automate estate settlement for surviving loved ones after a death.


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Laura Aiken Tett

Chief Executive Officer

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Stuart Tett

Chief of Technology and Product


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